Wednesday, 18 March 2015

NEW: Stephen Jones - 'No Cameras'

Although many people won't have any idea of what happened to Babybird since the chart hits of the 90s, Sheffield cult hero Stephen Jones has actually been releasing a huge amount of new music via his Bandcamp page over the last couple of years or so. In fact this most prolific musician seems to put something new out every week. But this new album entitled 'Meloncholy' is particularly notable for being the first album of "music and words" since the final Babybird album 'The Pleasures Of Self Destruction' from 2012. Apparently "a new name to replace "Babybird" would have been used" for this album but is "being kept secret for a future release". One of the album's highlights comes with the sparse, ambient wonder of the breathtaking 'No Cameras' where Jones's vocal, drops of piano and a splendid arrangement combine to work magic. It may very well be the most beautiful song he's ever made. Read the full album review HERE, where you can also stream and download 'Melancholy'.

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