Friday, 27 March 2015

REWIND: Paul Weller - 'Brushed'

Paul Weller has announced the release of his 12th solo album, which will be released in May and titled 'Saturn’s Pattern'. Described as “defiantly 21st century” and "modern psychedelic music", it's his first LP since 2012’s 'Sonik Kicks'. Weller has also said that the album is “certainly progressive in the literal sense of the word”. You can already hear a few traks via his Facbook and Twitter pages, which are linked below/ Until then here's a very underrated single from 1997, which is in fact the first Weller CD I ever bought. Taken from his 1997 album 'Heavy Soul', the superb 'Brushed' reached number 14 in the charts. 'Heavy Soul' would have been a number 1 album had it not been for a technicality involving five photos from the CD booklet being reproduced as postcards in the Special Edition release, which meant that sales of the Special Edition did not count towards the album's sales as the postcards were classed as free gifts. Not fair.

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