Friday, 20 March 2015

NEW: Blur - 'There Are Too Many Of Us'

As the release of Blur's long waited comeback album 'The Magic Whip' draws nearer, two things happened today. Firstly, the band played the whole album in full to a crowd of just a few hundred people at the Mode venue in London, with various Twitter users declaring the new songs to be brilliant. Secondly, the group premiered the second track to be taken from the album along with a rather lo-fi video. Unlike the previous 'Go Out', the dark, mournful grower 'There Are Too Many Of Us' proves that Blur aren't simply replicating their old sound'.

Kicking off with military snares and symphonic keyboards, it's an odd an unexpected intro which begins to grow as soon as the guitar enters along with Damon Albarn's enchantingly melancholic vocal and a well arranged musical backdrop. Moody and atmospherically cloudy, it suggests that the new LP will be a rather eclectic piece of work

Produced by Stephen Street, 'The Magic Whip' will be released on April 27 and is the first album Blur have recorded as a four piece in over 16 years. Listen to the refreshingly noisy 'Go Out' and read my thoughts about the upcoming release of 'The Magic Whip' HERE.

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